Work With Meaning, Work with Joy


WORK WITH MEANING, WORK WITH JOY: Bringing Your Spirit to Any Job by Pat McHenry Sullivan (Sheed & Ward 2003)

Work with Meaning, Work with Joy

Work with Meaning, Work with Joy is an honest, insightful, and challenging guide to working with meaning in any job. A pioneer of the emerging spirituality and work movement, author Sullivan has spent years interviewing thought leaders, studying trends in organizational development, writing articles, and consulting with individuals and businesses. Here she brings together her vast hands-on experience and keen insights into a concise, helpful book that offers wisdom and inspiration as relevant to CEO’s as they are to mailroom clerks and mid-level managers.

An ecumenical book that respects and draws from several religious traditions and spiritualities, Work with Meaning, Work with Joy revolutionizes traditional ways of conceiving of work and offers practical tools for finding your true vocation, bringing faith and integrity into the workplace, creating balance, and achieving worklife excellence.

Filled with memorable stories and innovative ideas, Work with Meaning, Work with Joy also offers questions, resources, and ideas for further reading.

More rave reviews for Work with Meaning, Work with Joy:

Pat Sullivan asks you to engage in a deep inquiry that can lead to profound possibilities. She provides many tools that enable you to connect your work, whatever it is, with your spiritual life. If you’re unhappy at work, read this book! ~ Stewart Levine Author, The Book of Agreement and Getting to Resolution.

More and more these days, we’re seeing the awakening of spirit in the marketplace. From CEO’s to mailroom clerks, folks are asking questions about the meaning of their work, about the place of spiritual values in the workplace and about how to connect what they believe with what they do. Pat Sullivan’s book is a wonderful starting place for those wanting to explore what such connection might look like for them. Compelling, straight-forward and practical, Work with Meaning, Work with Joy is full of stories, ideas and wise suggestions, all of which point the reader toward ways to integrate work and spirituality – and, indeed, toward meaning and joy at work. ~ Reverend Whitney Roberson, Episcopal Priest and Executive Director, Spirituality at Work

Find yourself a quiet place at home or work, and read a little bit of this book every day. Take notes and underline the ideas that touch you. Then have courage and start to infuse your life and work with greater spirit and meaning each day, with Pat Sullivan as your guide. She’s an expert with heart and wisdom. You can’t ask for a better guide than that! ~ Judith A. Neal, Ph.D., Executive Director, Association for Spirit at Work

Work with Meaning, Work with Joy is a refreshing guide and wonderfully rich overview of the spiritual renaissance taking place in workplaces around the world today. Pat Sullivan is to be congratulated on a marvelous achievement. ~ John Renesch, business futurist, Author of Getting to the Better Future, and editor, New Traditions in Business

Work with Meaning, Work with Joy is available from any bookstore. Or, order an autographed copy plus a beautiful inspiring card for your workplace for only $20 (includes shipping in the United States) from Pat Sullivan, 4200 Park Blvd., #119, Oakland, CA 94602.