Inspired Work & Business

Work is love is made visible wrote author and mystic Khalil Gibran.

To work is to pray; to pray is to work is a motto of the Benedictine religious order.

I don’t want to leave my values in the parking lot; I want to live and work them and Here’s how I integrate my values with my work say the hundreds of people from all faiths, spiritual eclicts, spiritual but not religious people, and atheists I have interviewed since about 1995 for the work my husband John and I have done in the fields of spirituality and work and conscious business.

Since about 1998 I have written dozens of articles in this field and about 26 “Vision and Values” columns for the San Francisco Chronicle. The column “Workplace Thinking Has Been Altared,” has been re-plublished in J. Kim Wright’s best-selling book for the American Bar Association, Lawyers as Peacemakers: Practicing Holistic, Problem-solving Law by J. Kim Wright in several legal newsletters. 

Whatever your work (including the unpaid work of everyday life), I hope the pages that follow and many posts on spirit, work or money help you face hard times at work with integrity, a sense of humor, meditation or other spiritual practices, and some good friends.  May you, like so many people I know, also find deep joy and meaning in all you do.