Welcome to These Resources for Reclaiming and Cultivating Your Genius

If only we valued the many elements of genius it took to teach ourselves to walk and talk!  Art by Susan Szecsi*

What happened to the natural genius that once led you from crib-bound baby to exuberant, highly imaginative child discovering the world and your place in it?

Are your instincts, playfulness, fearless self-expression, emotions and sense of wonder still fully alive?

Are you clear about who you are and your ability to do what matters most to you?

Or, as you grew up, did you give up what came naturally before you had any idea how valuable it is to adult work, life, love and contribution?

Where are your natural genius gifts now?

Too often, the answer is that you repressed your best gifts to the extent that you may never know you had them. Maybe you don’t even notice what’s missing, for our world de-values natural genius and doesn’t know how to cultivate it.

46 years of exploring human potential have taught me that none of our potential for brilliant life and work is lost. It’s merely hidden as the treasures of Pharaoh Tutenkhamun once were.

To reclaim your hidden treasures of natural genius, you just have to be as skilled in “personal archaeology” as Howard Carter was in digging up the Tut treasures so all of us could enjoy them.

How can you reclaim natural genius you gave up as you grew up?

How can you also develop adult forms of genius including emotional and spiritual intelligence, discernment and integrity? That’s been the focus of work for over 10 years.

Here, I’m honored to give you some of the best tips, tools and resources I’ve found or created to help you be more of the ordinary, miraculous genius you were born be.

Please explore what’s here and test it in your life.  Comments, questions and your own insights are welcome at contact@everydaygenius.info. So are queries about how you or your group can benefit from our working together.

Blessings to your journey of rediscoveringand cultivating any of your natural genius — for your benefit and ours! 

Pat McHenry Sullivan


Thanks to Susan Szecsi for creating the drawing of a baby girl’s naturally growing genius in action.  Contact Susan at https://www.brainmonsters.com/ or write susan@brainmonsters.com