Re-Genius Yourself Workshop with Pat Sullivan



Once there was a dog who could fly. When another dog asked how he learned to do that, the flying dog said, “I didn’t learn how to fly. I unlearned how not to fly.” 

What de-genius training are you ready to un-learn?

Pat McHenry Sullivan invites you to

Re-Genius Yourself

so you fly into life with all your brilliance channels wide open

so when Truth speaks, you get the full message

 Saturday March 7, 2015 9 am to 1 pm

Home of Truth, 1300 Grand Street, Alameda, CA

$40.00; limited scholarship aid available

Call 510-530-0284 to register

You were born loaded with natural genius: imagination, instincts, intuition, awe, self-curiosity, and dozens more gifts that are abundant in small children and rare in adults. Yet, you were probably trained how not to use your brilliance – even to forget it. Result: you’re missing vital information and inspiration your soul needs to know and do what matters most to you.

In this first-ever Re-genius Yourself Workshop, Pat will show you how to:

1) Meet again the natural genius that can help you fly into your best life and work;

2) Experience how your genius enriches your ability to know and live your truth;

3) Have fun rediscovering and developing your lost treasures of body, mind and spirit;

4) Apply your genius to challenges and dreams – even if you don’t yet see your dreams.

Workshop includes abundant resources plus a personal follow up with Pat to keep knowing and growing your genius.

Call 510-530-0284 for further information and to register.

 Words and concept © Pat McHenry Sullivan 2015, photo © Willeecole,