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Inspired Planning and Sales
Got a dream for a business, creative or service venture?  Tired of putting your all into work for others (or looking for work) that just doesn’t leave you satisfied and able to have a great life? Want to make sure that your venture is filled with integrity and joy for everyone involved?

Any great business plan can help you leverage your talents, vision, money, time and other resources.  Whether or not you seek funding, your business plan can help you organize and manage your venture for optimal profits and other benefits.

It can help you determine:

1) the feasibility of your idea
2) whether or not you really want to go for it
3) how to turn your dream into sustainable and thriving reality

Visionary Resources Adds Extra Dimension to Your Business or Nonprofit Planning

Visionary Resources Adds Extra Dimension to Your Business or Nonprofit PlanningWe start with clarity about your core values, your authentic dreams and needs, as symbolized by the compass in the center of the diagram to the right.

Out of the joy for your work and the joy you want to give others and your deepest purpose, you shape a compelling vision for your venture.  Then we help you ensure that you take care of business by integrating your essential passion and values into every element of business planning — from product or service description to financing issues.

Pat Sullivan has provided several seminars for the Small Business Administration in our San Francisco Entrepreneur Center training room and has proven to be a reliable, flexible, and talented presenter. Gary Marshall, U.S. Small Business Administration, San Francisco

Marketing and Selling What Matters In a Way That Matters is Essential To Your Conscious Venture

Do you, like many socially responsible entrepreneurs, change-makers and artists have emotional blocks to marketing and selling?  Do you yearn for a way to market and sell with the same purpose that drives your visions — without hype, but with grace and authenticity?

That’s been a challenge for us at Visionary Resources, too!  We recently created a class, “Marketing What Matters In a Way That Matters” that brought breakthrough results to all participants.  Learn more about inspired selling and marketing in our pages on Inspired Marketing and Selling and the article, “Marketing and Selling As An Act of Faith and Hospitality.”

Pat expertly coached me to develop a clear message about my new business and to deliver it with ease. She is so brilliant at turning negatives into positives and making you feel excited about your business and how it fits into your larger vision. Before I worked with Pat I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed. She helped me move beyond what was holding me back and take things to the next level.
Jenny Kassan, founder, Cutting Edge Law

We offer two great ways to have fun creating a great business plan:

  • Individual hands-on planning according to your schedule and needs at a special “beat the recession”  price.
  • Regular hands-on business planning workshops filled with practical tips and resources that will jumpstart your best business plan.

For more, see our products and services page.

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