7 Signs You Need More Vision in Your Life, Work or Money Dealings

Have you ever worked hard to meet a goal, then found when you met it that it was the wrong goal?  Like you worked hard to gain success in the wrong career, and you don’t have a clue what your right career is?

Career confusion is one key sign that you need a true vision from your heart and soul. That means you need something more than a goal set by someone else or even a brilliant idea that you activate before you discern whether or not it matches your true needs, dreams or desires.  You need a clear, compelling vision that’s anchored in current reality and leads you to your most fulfilling future.
Over the next few weeks, we’ll feature practical tips and tools for being the visionary you were born to be, particularly around your work, money dealings, and spiritual life.  Now, here are some key signs for how all this can be useful to you.

7 Symptoms of Limited Vision

1.  When you meet a goal (or even spend a lot of time and energy on it without meeting it), you realize you really don’t like the results or what you have to do to meet that goal.

2.  You feel burnt out while following your supposed dream.  Your pain goes beyond the kind of tiredness that can be eased with rest, exercise, proper nutrition or fun with others.

3.  You’re either closed to new possibilities or always feel like you have to create something new  and different.

4.  You suffer from a dearth of ideas or feel overwhelmed by them.

5.  You have a habit of falling for (and being betrayed by) the wrong partner, employer, financial plan, etc.

6.  You tend to be so pessimistic or you are so perpetually optimistic that you fail to notice opportunities or problems in time to deal with them effectively.

7.  You can only meet your goal by significantly harming yourself, others or the earth.

7 Benefits of Being the Visionary You Were Born to Be

Each one of these benefits actually reverses the key symptoms above!

1.  The process of building a vision is in itself energizing and enlightening.  Whether you meet your original goal or you discover new ones, you grow.

2.  You meet challenges with grace and resilience.  Because your vision is purposeful and meaningful, burnout just isn’t an issue.

3.  You welcome insight from all sources (e.g., intuition, imagination or even “out of the blue”), whether they are groundbreaking or tried and true.

4.  You are always entertaining new possibilities, but you’re so clear about what you’re called to do that your mental “find” tool can quickly wade through mounds of data and find the information that’s just right for you.

5.  Your sharp discernment skills and boundaries lead you toward what’s right for you and away from what’s not.

6.  You are aware of dangers and opportunities, not stuck in fear or illusion.

7.  Integrity in all its meanings — honest, just, on true with yourself and on the level with others- – is your basic bottom line. Meeting your goals enriches the lives of yourself, other humans and creatures, and the earth.

What can you add to either list?

As always, many blessings, Pat McHenry Sullivan