Affirmative Prayer

Affirmative Prayer for Financial and Other Challenges

Affirmative prayer is a powerful tool for reversing the effect of many bad attitudes and decisions about money. Unlike the “God, fix it for me” type of prayer, affirmative prayer combines a statement of faith with a commitment to partner with God or Source or whatever other name we use for the mystery of life, death and what becomes before and after.

Here are some of my favorite affirmative prayers regarding money:

I choose to see clearly how I now pollute or bless my relationship with money. I ask for guidance to create a wiser, sounder and more compassionate relationship to money.

I am grateful that my need for increased income matches another’s need for the very services I am called to offer. (Note: this prayer is adapted from one shared by Rosanne Roberts, a human resources consultant in Santa Fe,

With the help of the Universal Ways and Means Committee and the Universal Marketing and Sales Committee, I choose to see clearly how to connect with those who can best use my help. (Note: this prayer is adapted from one shared by Rev. Sarah Hargrave, an entrepreneur and former corporate executive [].)

Oh God, you have shown me many times that I try to take on too many things for too many people, and you have shown me that underlying this tendency are faults like pride or lack of faith. Help me to do what is mine to do and to release what is not mine to do. (This prayer is inspired by many sermons by Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel of Unity of Berkeley,

On the inner level, prayers like these help me see more clearly into my financial challenges and also to see better opportunities for creating ethical abundance. If I am patient enough, such prayers always lead to guidance. Sometimes the guidance calls for more patience. Sometimes the message is to learn nitty-gritty skills, such as marketing and selling or how to create a blog. Sometimes the inner voice insists I take on challenges that I would rather avoid, like picking up the phone and making a sales call. Often, the guidance is about being more disciplined and completing mundane tasks like filing or bookkeeping.

I find that unless the guidance of prayer is followed by affirmative action, prayer and affirmation about money or anything else are useless. Grounded in prayer, action can be powerful.

How about you? What’s your affirmative prayer for your particular situation? How are you called to act in alignment with your values and vision?

Many blessings for your journey of enriching your personal economy, insight by insight, action by action, in a way that truly supports yourself and others.

Come back real soon with your own insights and inspiration,
Pat McHenry Sullivan

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  1. What a refreshing focus! These heartfelt positive prayers offer a beautiful opportunity for objective self reflection along with a desire to serve the needs of others. Bravo, Pat Sullivan! I hope many will read your words of wisdom.